August 2, 2012

The Gieselmann Family

Kristen’s lucky number is 11. She was born on the 11th and each of her three kids, Kaitlynn, Dillon and Trinity, were born in November. So, it’s only fitting that it was on an 11th day that her co-worker brought her a newspaper article about a Habitat family and encouraged her to look into it.

The Vargas Family

Lupita and her son Daniel had a brief taste of homeownership once, many years ago. Lupita was married then and she and her husband purchased a home. Shortly after, when her marriage ‘came to a screeching halt’, as she put it, she and her son had to give up their dream.

The Beltran Family

February 11, 2011 marks Gina’s ninth anniversary working as a
network associate for Carondelet. She started as a registration clerk and now works as an Office Coordinator in the Diabetes Center, and she loves her job.

“I want to go to work. I love doing what I do. I’m pretty lucky,” she said with a huge smile.

In fact it was her work that brought her to Habitat.

The Parker Family

Autumn Parker and her husband William are very excited about the opportunity to own their own home. Despite having a lot on her plate, she is determined to complete her sweat equity as soon as possible so she can concentrate on saving for her down payment and attending the homeowner classes

The Bashikire Family

Pierre and his wife Clothilde brought their two youngest daughters to Tucson in 2007 after fleeing conflicts in three
different countries for more than thirty years.

“We left our home in Burundi when war came in 1973. We lived in a refugee camp in Tanzania. War came to Tanzania so we moved to Rwanda. When the ethnic cleansing began in Rwanda, we fled back to Tanzania.”

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