Afghan Refugee Fund 2021

The need for a safe place to call home has been the focus of Habitat Tucson for more than 40 years. This means a safe place for everyone on earth regardless of the circumstances.

“We have been overwhelmed by the volume of donations, and furniture/household goods is simply something we don’t have the space for. Add to that the slow rollout by the federal government, and it was immediately clear that the community is far ahead of the pace the families are arriving here. Enter Habitat.


Habitat has a store in which they sell home goods, furniture and other large items. They have agreed to set up an Afghan Refugee fund, accept the furniture and household goods donations, tag them and earmark 1/2 of the sale price for the Afghan fund. So for example, if you donate a couch that sells for $300, Habitat will place $150 of that into the Afghan fund. When a refugee family later on goes into their store to buy home goods, they will be able to dip into that fund to help purchase items that meet their own individual needs. So the couch may not end up directly in the home of a refugee family, but the donation will directly help one of the families buy what they need. I believe it’s a win/win/win. You are donating to the cause, the family benefits from the fund, and Habitat is supported.

Habitat will schedule a truck to come to your home and pick up your donations. Their direct donation hotline is 520.230.5323 or schedule online. Please specify that what you’re donating is intended for the Afghan support so they can tag your goods and dedicate 1/2 of the sale price to that fund.

In addition, today Ann from my office was able to secure a matching gift donation from the Kaimas Foundation. The Foundation will match the first $5,000 donated to the Habitat fund in support of the Afghan work. That means if people don’t have furniture, but still want to help the effort, they can donate directly to the habitat fund and that donation will be doubled.”

~Steve Kozachik, Ward 6

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