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Arron Family

Shamekia Arron is more than a big sister to Talesia and Demarea. She is also their guardian and guide as they grow to adults. A two-bedroom apartment is not ideal for the three energetic, loving and family-oriented siblings. So she made getting a permanent, safe home for them a priority.

Shamekia has worked for APAC Customer Service for two years. She describes her workplace as harmonious and she enjoys her colleagues, especially her boss. She works hard and is very tired after work; however, attending church three times a week helps replenish her energy. Her new Habitat Home, too, will be a place of replenishment.

Shamekia says her new room will be kept clean with lots of candles: “My own tranquility room. I want to be steady. I’m just tired of moving. I am excited for a new beginning.”

Talesia and Demarea are both in high school. Demarea, a sophomore, says he has lots of friends, and while schoolwork is hard, he likes his teachers. He likes playing football, but says he’s more excited about wrestling. Talesia, a junior, is learning to push herself to get what she wants in life. She is committed to becoming a lawyer. Talesia’s creative writing teacher helped her and her classmates start a Black Voice Club to provide career professionals as mentors to African-American students at the school.

With all those activities, it’s no wonder these three are looking forward to a little personal space.

Demarea knows exactly how he wants his room, which will be painted red and black. “My bed will be on the left side of the room, and my weights will be on the right side,” he says.

Talesia also is planning a red-and-black theme. “Having my own privacy – letting stuff out when I need to – it’s going to be big for us,” she says. “I’m just happy I get my own room!”

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