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Every smile is a victory.

Sometimes, a smile says it all.

This is the smile of Ron Hutter. Ron’s home was in dire need of repair and with the help of Habitat staff and volunteer, he received the help he needed.

For years, rain water had been eroding the foundation of Ron’s beloved home. The wood siding had started to rot, compromising the health and safety of the 67-year-old homeowner.

“You don’t know how much it’s affecting you until it gets fixed,” Ron said after receiving repairs on the home, which he’s lived in since 1981.

Ron says his home is a place to live and have family come visit. And now, he has a revived pride in his home’s appearance and integrity.

Volunteers from Pantano Rotary Club teamed up with Habitat Tucson to replace wood panels on the home and paint the home’s exterior. New gutters were installed to help guide water away from the house.

These efforts are going to allow Ron to live a healthier and safer life in the home that he loves.

Home repairs restore dignity to aging homes.

Habitat for Humanity Tucson is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Tucson communities and neighborhoods.

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