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Join us!


Join us on March 31, anytime from 9-11 am, for an Open House to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Connie Hillman Family Foundation Urban Construction Knowledge Center: The CHUCK Center.

The CHUCK Center is a game changer! The CHUCK will create a strong foundation for future economic growth, build deep connections within the Southern Arizona community, accelerate affordable housing production, and empower aspiring tradespeople to build their careers locally.

Furthermore, the CHUCK will be home to our modular construction program: the next step in Habitat Tucson’s development of fast, quality, and sustainable construction methods, all powered by volunteers! 

We believe that the CHUCK will help make Southern Arizona strong, sustainable, and self-reliant. 

But simply talking about it doesn’t do it justice- we want you to come and see the CHUCK for yourself!

On March 31st, you may visit anytime between 9 to 11 for the Open House! Kindly RSVP in order to visit.

The CHUCK is located at 2811 W Curtis Rd, Tucson AZ 85705, in the Flowing Wells neighborhood.

Grand Opening RSVP

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