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Leave A Legacy

Support Habitat with a gift today and beyond your lifetime because everyone deserves a stable, safe and secure home.

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You can leave a lasting foundation by naming Habitat for Humanity Tucson in your will. Leave a Legacy.

Support Habitat Tucson with a gift today and beyond your lifetime

because everyone deserves a stable, safe and secure home. Your gift will stay local.

Here are easy, smart ways to give now or later:

• Furniture, appliances, artwork and home decor.

• Undeveloped land, cars, or real estate.

• Stocks, securities, retirement accounts, IRAs or life insurance.

• A gift in your will.

Contact our gift planners at

Habitat for Humanity Tucson
to learn more about these and other ways you can build your legacy.

Why planned giving?

Individuals can leave monetary gifts to their family AND to Habitat Tucson. It is a common belief that you must choose between leaving a gift to your heirs or to charity. You can do both, and some charitable gifts may actually save your family money by decreasing inheritance taxes. A simple directive in your will can bring welcome support to an organization that will make a difference for years to come. No gift is too small.


You can begin your conversation with your adviser or attorney by sharing this statement:

“I give, devise and bequeath ____________ (a specific dollar amount or percentage of the residue of my estate) to Habitat for Humanity Tucson, fully incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona.  I direct this gift to be used to support Habitat for Humanity’s general programs where the need is greatest.”[mk_custom_sidebar sidebar=”sidebar-21″]


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We sell new and used building materials, appliances, furniture and other home goods at deeply discounted prices. All sales help fund home building and repair projects right here in our community. 


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We accept a variety of new and reclaimed building materials, furniture and appliances in good working condition. Please see our donation guide for details on what we can an cannot accept.


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Our volunteers have a lot of roles to fill — from providing helpful customer service to creating DIY projects and displays, repairing furniture, and organizing stock. We’ll find a place where you’ll fit in and a role that interests you.

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