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“I Did It, You Can Do It!” Crystal’s Story

“Don’t ever doubt yourself and think that you can’t do it. WE CAN. All the women who came before me did it. I did it. You can do it.”

Crystal is a single mother who has gone through several hardships. She is moving forward confidently with her life as an independent woman. She won’t allow anyone to tell her that she can’t do it!

Crystal works hard to provide for her children. Being a single parent is not easy; it’s hard to save and still be able to do extra things with her children. But Crystal’s children come first. They’re her priority.

Living in a small apartment in which two growing boys had to share a room, she knew she needed to look for a larger home. But these days, any home in which her boys could have their own room would be extremely expensive.

Crystal made more cuts to their living expenses. For example, going out to eat didn’t happen. She found herself putting costs like car repairs on hold and she didn’t have much left at the end of the month to save. When you live check-to-check like so many others in similar situations, rising costs are challenging. But she says, “Now I’m independent. I’m on my own, I work, everything gets paid, and it’s a blessing.” However, when she thinks about the future, Crystal says, “I want my children to have a place to call home. It’s a struggle to move, especially with the housing market getting higher and higher.”

Crystal’s mother had heard about the Habitat Tucson homeownership program, and she suggested to Crystal that she apply for the program. When she went to an information session; she was surprised that she fit all the requirements.

She applied and was selected!

After being told she was selected to become a Habitat homeowner, Crystal cried a lot, and they were happy tears! She shared with us, “To me, this program is one in a million, a blessing.”

Crystal is proud that she can contribute 250 hours of sweat equity. She sees it as an opportunity to set a good standard for her boys: “I’m raising little men right now and eventually they will be grown men. I tell them, ‘If you want something, you have to work hard and you must earn it’.”

Even when sweat equity has been difficult, she has a positive attitude and stays excited.

“I am happy because I’m getting blessed. I am working with other people. My time is being used for a good cause and my hands are being used to build a home. I go home with backaches but everything we go through is for a good cause.”

Crystal finished her sweat equity within two months. She worked on her own house and installed her own appliances! “I am so excited that I had the opportunity to build my dream home,” she says with a wide smile.

For Crystal’s children, a Habitat home means no more moving, having their own rooms, and owning their own home. They are both looking forward to decorating their rooms the way they want, having a yard to play in, and maybe adopting a new puppy.

An affordable Habitat mortgage will make the biggest difference for Crystal. “With the mortgage being fixed, now I will be able to afford and provide more to my children. I could also pay off my car payment early. I can save now, something that I could never do before.”

“I have been through a lot, from a bad relationship to many struggles. But it only made me stronger and made me want more for my children and myself. I want to give my children a better experience so they will not have to go through what I did. To show them to never give up. My mother told me, ‘If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue with your goals and dreams.’ Never let no one or no man tell you that you can’t.” – Crystal

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