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HabiStore volunteer gives back

After two years volunteering regularly, Adin is a valued, integral figure at the HabiStore. He offers advice, arranges vignettes, and answers questions. And he almost never sits down! But how did he get here?Adin has always been a people person. He grew up in a small town in California where everybody knew everybody. He started working at 16 and became one of Safeway’s youngest store managers at 20. He eventually managed over 200 employees. Adin and his husband Tim also managed a vintage furniture store together. Adin says, “The only thing I’ve done in my entire life is manage people. I just know the human spirit.”

When Adin retired, he wanted to connect with others, stay busy, and utilize his skills. Tim and Adin were regular customers at the HabiStore due to their shared love for design. So, Tim asked, “Why don’t you volunteer with Habitat?” Adin shares, “I’ve never, ever worried about being accepted as a gay man” at Habitat. The store is a welcoming environment and a great fit. Now, Adin feels valued as a mentor again.Adin is a true leader. Speaking about his contributions to the HabiStore, he says, “I was a new set of eyes with 40 years of experience. I started by suggesting some subtle changes, which were well received. The managers noticed, and staff started coming to me for advice. I realized: I’m a mentor. I really am. And I love it.”
HabiStore sales have risen fast this past year, and Adin has been an important part of our success. His extensive knowledge of vintage furniture has enabled the HabiStore to accurately date and value some of our most unique items. He feels proud that the store has funded 6 families’ new homes this year. Adin says, “Maybe next year 8, or 10.”Adin grew up with 9 siblings in a 3 bedroom home, so he understands the value of having a home that is truly your own space. He says, “Home is being at total peace.”At the end of the day, Adin says, “What keeps me coming back is the friendships I’ve developed. The mission behind everything keeps the HabiStore pumping. It allows a positive feeling to shine.”


can make friends, feel valued, and share your skills like Adin, no matter what your skills are.

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