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The Salcido Family

Nadine is a single mother of Krystal, 21, and Eddie, 16.  She is employed by Carondelet Heart and Vascular as a receptionist and has worked there for 15 years.  Currently the Salcido family rent a home that they originally obtained through a reasonable rate.  Due to small increase in her income the assistance ended so she is paying high rent in the same home. 

Nadine wants a permanent home that she can call her own and not have to worry about getting another increase on her rent. Her sister Veronica and friend Sara decided to apply for a Habitat home at the same time she did. She said the experience has been overwhelming.

“I was the first to get the call from Habitat,” said Nadine. “I called Sara and she had gotten a call too so we were so happy and crying. Then we started praying for my sister to get the call and she did too.”

The kids said they look forward to not having to move again and having a home they can call their own.

“We want to plant trees and have a garden,” said Nadine. “Working with Habitat has been wonderful. The people are fun and have been very nice. We couldn’t be happier.

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