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The Jordan Family

Samuel, his wife Nadia, and their eight-month old son Samuelito, or “little Samuel,” currently share a three-bedroom, two-bath mobile home.

“It’s a stepping stone to provide stability for our family,” said Samuel about being approved for a Habitat home.  “I’m very family oriented.  It’s going to be a home-base for us and our extended family.”

Samuel, who is disabled, and Nadia, who was a teacher in Sonora before moving to Tucson, are focusing on raising their son and setting up a home for their new family.

“It’s a big responsibility, but at the same time it’s something we can be proud of…to have something to leave Samuelito,” said Nadia.

Nadia is attending classes at Pima Community College to learn English so that she can be a teacher again.  She and Samuel are well on their way to completing their sweat equity time and are excited to continue volunteering with Habitat even when their hours are complete.

“For us, security is very important.  We’re really prepared and it’s made this process easier.  We already live within our means,” said Samuel.  “It just seems to be the right time.  We’re really blessed and thankful for the opportunity.”

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