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The Rogers Family

The Rogers Family

J.J. Rogers and her daughter Brittany, 21, currently share a one-bedroom, one-bath freestanding apartment which J.J. has lived in for 32 years.

When the American Airlines office, where J.J. works closed, she had to either move to another state or be able to provide her own home office. J.J. was able to keep her job because she could promise to soon have her own office in her new Habitat home.

“It’s such a blessing,” said J.J. about being approved for her Habitat home.  “I’m really looking forward to having an office, the space, the freedom, everything.”

“This is a wonderful program, you’re changing lives and generations. It’s a domino effect,” J.J. said.

The family is looking forward to having their own space.

“We joke now, you’re going to stay in your bathroom and I’ll stay in mine,” said J.J. laughing.

More than anything J.J. is happy to have a house that will be her own, “I am the keeper of the keys. It’s my key. It’s my very own, mine. I have never had that before.”

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