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7 Easy TikTok Trends for Earth Day!

During the coronavirus pandemic, cabin fever turned into a shopping frenzy. There was a huge spending boom on new furniture and appliances–probably because the longer we were cooped up in our homes, the more we wanted to redecorate, spice up, redesign. But there was also a boom in crafty creatives bringing old pieces of furniture to life.


Let’s celebrate Earth Day 2021 with some great tips and tricks for keeping it fresh while keeping it out of the landfill![mk_image src=”” image_size=”large”]

  1. Done with it? Do good with it?

When you realize you’re ready to upgrade your dresser, couch, or end tables, don’t toss it! The HabiStore can pick it up AT NO COST and it can live a second life in someone else’s home. Plus, all the proceeds go to building affordable homes in our community. Win-win!2. Update with peel-and-stick wallpaper!

We get excellent desk donations to the HabiStore throughout the year–and you can spice up the look by applying some stick and peel wallpaper. Easy peasy!

3. Freshen up with new paint and hardware!

A tried and true classic–new color and new hardware is like a facelift for furniture. At the HabiStore, you can find great dressers at a great bargain!  Plus: we have recycled paint for sale!

And with something as simple as painting the frame and hardware, you can have a really sleek up-to-date look, at a fraction it would cost new.

4. Ditch the skirt!

Ever find a couch for a great price but it looks like it belongs to your grandparents? It’s probably the skirt! It’s super simple to remove and you’ll be AMAZED how sleek and modern it looks afterwards.

5. Level up a look with new cushions.

You score an amazing thrifted find–a table and chairs set for less than half of what you’d pay retail–and the cushions, while functional, look a little tired. It’s super easy to update them and give the whole set new life!

6. Trash to Terra Cotta!

Why is it SO expensive to find cute matching decor for your home? Well, you could thrift it from the HabiStore instead! Check out the inspiration below to find vases of all different styles and sizes and with a slap of paint: boom! You have your own personal terra-cotta look!

7. Don’t forget to treasure hunt!

There are so many unique finds at the HabiStore–and our stock changes daily. Keep your eyes peeled for those one-of-kind pieces that are standouts all on their own.

Happy Earth Day, and we hope to see you soon!

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