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Victory Worship Center revitalizes a Tucson neighborhood

Thank you Victory Worship Center for helping the neighborhood revitalization efforts in Tucson.

Together, we can build a stronger community.

Volunteers from Victory completed a community cleanup in the Flowing Wells neighborhood. A corner in the area was filled with mesquite and grass, which blocked the path for people.

Victory Worship Center volunteered with us and they were awesome!

In a matter of 3 hours, they were able to trim, cut, and haul branches and weeds to clear the path.

One of the volunteers close to the area and said, “The kids from the schools [around here] are going to thank you so much. Now, they won’t have any more scratches on them from the [mesquite] branches”.

That was great to hear in front of all the volunteers so they could realize the difference they had just made within their neighborhood.

Volunteer with us.

Do you have a church or community group that would like to volunteer in the community? Find out more by contacting our Volunteer Manager today.

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