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Havasupai Blitz Build

The primary purpose of this build will be to complete two homes within 8–10-weeks.

The exciting adventure begins soon!

The Havasupai Blitz Build has started

calling all adventurous volunteers!

Looking for loyal volunteers, and those passionate about making a difference!

Habitat for Humanity (“Habitat”) is excited to have you participate in the blitz build project on the Havasupai Reservation.

This one-of-a-kind project will be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved. When the Havasupai Tribe reached out to Habitat for collaboration, Habitat saw the need and understood the impact. This project aligns with Habitat’s core mission of building a world where everyone, everywhere has a place to call home.  

Our primary purpose

Our primary purpose will be to complete the two homes within an 8–10-week period. If you relish in impact-driven work, this is an opportunity of a lifetime! Sign up for a week to volunteer within the Grand Canyon at the invitation of the Havasupai Tribe and in partnership with Arizona Habitat Affiliates.

Project timeline

Dates Stage Affiliate
Jan 6 - 12
Habitat Tucson
Jan. 13 – 21
Mobilization # 1 (WK 1)
Habitat Tucson
Jan. 20 – 28
Mobilization # 1 (WK 2)
Habitat Tucson
Jan. 26 – Feb. 3
Mobilization #2 (WK 1)
Habitat Central AZ
Feb. 2 – Feb. 10
Mobilization #2 (WK 2)
Habitat Central AZ
Feb. 9 – Feb. 17
Mobilization #3 (WK 1)
Habitat N. AZ / Flagstaff
Feb. 16 – Feb. 24
Mobilization #3 (WK 2)
Habitat N. AZ / Flagstaff
Feb. 25 – Mar 9
Final Mobilization
All AZ Habitat Affiliates

Area of focus for each Habitat / Mobilization

  • Premobilization – Foundations & underground
  • Habitat Tucson Mobilization # 1 – Sub structure, exterior structure, interior rough, mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Habitat Central AZ Mobilization # 2 – Exterior skin and roofing
  • Habitat Northern AZ / Flagstaff Mobilization # 3 – Dry wall & insulation
  • All AZ Habitat Affiliates final Mobilization – Interior finishes and trim

What to expect

  • Expect long workdays (10+ hour days, and walking 4-5 miles per day)
  • Should be physically fit enough to stand for long periods of time
  • Should be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Should have prior construction experience & skills
  • Little to no hot water (for showers)
  • Rooms will be double occupancy & have bathrooms with shower
  • Supai Village is remote, aside from a 10-mile hike helicopter transportation is the primary method of transportation
  • Little to no cell service
  • No tv’s or entertainment
  • It’s going to be very cold, potentially you should be prepared for rain/snow
  • The Havasupai tribe will provide modest breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • You are welcome to bring any food in addition to what we outline will be provided
  • Apologies, but we can’t make any dietary accommodations
  • Habitat will provide shelter and transportation to and from Tucson if going for a full week and accommodation the night prior to mobilization start
  • Bath towel will be provided, but bring your own toiletries
  • In the event of injury, it may take many hours to get treatment or coordinate helicopter transportation out of the canyon
  • Please read all FAQ’s



Setting realistic expectations is important to a positive experience, and your team leader is your point of contact to raise any concerns regarding your volunteering journey.

Teams will stay in in the lodge in Supai Village (Havasupai Lodge Reservations). In some instances, alternative accommodations are prepared for the team, such as a communal camping indoors or out. The Lodge for most travelers will be double occupancy, and offer electricity, bathrooms with showers. Showers are cold water showers, so be prepared and bring your own soaps, shampoo, and toiletries. Bath towels are provided. A few of the rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator and be shared across the participants for storage of personal items and medications.

The lodge does have wifi, but it is very slow. Expect to not be able to download email attachments or stream entertainment. There are no TV’s in rooms, so bring a book or download your entertainment to an ipad prior to travel to watch in the evenings if desired.

To coordinate housekeeping services and room accommodations, Habitat asks that volunteers commit to one week stay in most occasions arriving at the beginning of the week for the mobilization desired. For traveling volunteers, accommodations will be available the night before the first day start at the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, about an hour from the helipad.

Cell phone service is spotty or unavailable for most providers, you may find locations you have a signal to send a message but rare to find a signal to make a phone call.

Please speak with your team leader if you have specific requirements for travel. The lodging accommodations may be located anywhere from 1-2 miles from the build site, with a daily walk to and from. In addition to working 10-12 hour days, volunteers should be prepared to walk 4-5 miles per day.


Breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided, along with snack and water. Lunch will be on the build site. These will be modest accommodations, please notify your team leader if you have special dietary needs or restrictions. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in limited supply in Supai. It’s highly encouraged you bring personal food items you may need, all medicines(prescription, over the counter), vitamins and supplements that you may need in addition to the meals provided. There is a small store (sells canned goods, snacks, soda) and cafeteria in Supai Village with limited supply if needed.


Transport to and from the village will be provided by helicopter, which only travels twice per week. Luggage should be limited to a manageable size, with a small backpack for daily trips to the build site. For those desiring to hike, the hike into the canyon to the village is 10 miles approximately, but should be reserved for well-experienced hikers used to very challenging terrains. Please notify Habitat if you intend to hike in or out during your stay.

Some affiliates will be coordinating transportation by charter to and from the helipad from Tucson or other areas. Speak with your coordinator at your local affiliate for details


Safety is our priority!

Medical Precautions and Immunizations

Every Habitat volunteer should have an up-to-date tetanus shot before participating in any project.

At this time the Havasupai Indian Reservation does not have COVID travel requirements. Visit your doctor and consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s travel site for details on immunization requirements and recommendations for area you will be visiting. It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor for personalized counsel concerning your health and travel plans


If you use prescription medications, carry an adequate supply for the duration of the program, along with a signed and dated statement from your physician indicating the dosage and the reason for the medications. This information is helpful to medical authorities in case of emergency. Be sure to discuss with your doctor the climate at your destination, as some medicines are ineffective at extreme temperatures or when the patient is exposed to large amounts of sunlight.

A card, tag or bracelet identifying any physical condition that may require emergency care is helpful when traveling. Also pack a copy of your medical history, including blood type, allergies and any special conditions.

If you wear prescription glasses, bring an extra pair and sufficient contact lens for wearers.

Travel with anti-diarrhea medicine (available over the counter) and ensure that you are drinking plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. If you experience symptoms for several days without improvement, notify your team leader and consult a physician right away.

Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance

We strongly encourage all travelers to purchase accident and sickness insurance, covering medical costs arising from accidents; illnesses; and accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing while participating in volunteer activities sponsored and supervised by Habitat for Humanity. This policy also covers certain evacuations due to medical emergencies. This insurance coverage is designed to protect Habitat’s program volunteers and is part of a comprehensive risk management program, and will be reimbursed by Habitat for Humanity. For details about insurance coverage, please reference the Insurance Registration Information.


Age Requirements

Is there an age requirement for this build?

Yes, you must be over 18 to participate.

Ground Transportation

How will we be transported to the area?

Details will be provided by each individual affiliate. 

What time do I need to arrive by?

Details will be provided by each individual affiliate. 

Air Transportation

How will I get in and out of the Canyon?

Transport to and from the village will be provided by helicopter, which only travels twice per week.


Can I hike in on my own?

For those desiring to hike, the hike into the canyon to the village is 10 miles approximately, but should be reserved for well-experienced hikers used to very challenging terrains. Please notify Habitat if you intend to hike in or out during your stay.


What is the weather like?

Temperatures typically range from 30-60 degrees in January, and 40-70 degrees in March. Rain protection is highly recommended, especially in the January and February build months.


What do I need to pack?
  • Warm clothes, jacket, rain, snow gear, gloves, tool belts and personal hand tools, protective eyewear, construction boots or thick-soled shoes.
  • Bath towel
  • Toiletries; soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Sunscreen
  • Any medications (prescription and over the counter) you are on or might need.
Is there a bag limit?
  • Luggage should be limited to a manageable size, with a small backpack for daily trips to the build site.
  • 40 lbs is the helicopter limit p/person


Where will I stay?

Required documents

Habitat Tucson contact info

3501 N. Mountain Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
Main: (520) 326-1217
Fax: (520) 200-3619

Habitat central AZ contact info

2830 West Glendale Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona  85051
(602) 268-9022 

Habitat northern AZ / flagstaff contact info

PO Box 3783
Flagstaff, Arizona 86003
(928) 779-1314

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