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What’s HabiNing at the CHUCK Center?

There’s good news from the Connie Hillman Family Foundation Urban Construction Knowledge (CHUCK) Center, Habitat Tucson’s innovative workforce development center and 15,000-square-foot construction warehouse!

Want to get involved? Visit the CHUCK’s page to learn more or get in touch with us by calling (520) 326-1217 or emailing!

Workforce Development

  • The CHUCK Center is now a registered and National Center for Construction Education & Research accredited testing site. This allows us to provide assessments for skilled construction workers to improve their skills and earn certifications.
  • We have had a great turnout of students and volunteers throughout the year while in full production of modular wall panels: 381 volunteers since inception and 4,600 hours contributed!
  • Several groups from the U of A have joined to volunteer at the CHUCK.
  • We’ve also had 2 independent PCC students volunteering regularly outside of their classes.
  • We also have a high school student who has now started to volunteer on a weekly basis to build his skills!
U of A students in the Kappa Alpha Order who came to volunteer at the CHUCK.

AmeriCorps Housing

  • The AmeriCorps apartments are progressing well. We are now finishing up electrical for the duplex in order to move into insulation and drywall!
Student doing electrical work.

Pima Community College Partnership

  • We had a group of PCC students join us in the Fall semester who did great work. This semester ended on Dec 18th. All framing was completed on the apartments.
  • A new group of 14 students from PCC began their work on Feb 14th at the CHUCK.
    • 3 of these students are from the electrical program & 11 from the carpentry program.
  •  We have welcomed our first PCC Intern
    • His name is Cesar! He is currently attending classes for the business program and wants to learn more about construction.
  •  We are hopeful to explore having the students on the traditional construction site to provide on-the-job training for these students.

Modular Wall Development & Warehouse

  • Panel production has been very effective and efficient. We finished the panel production of our newest subdivision Valor Vista within a month and raised the walls of the 7 homes within that subdivision. 210 panels were produced for Valor Vista.
  • We are now storing completion material for Valor Vista 7 houses and CDP 3 as well.
  • We are now ready to start panel production for our homes that we will build in FY25.
  • Continuing to procure and store our materials.

RV Care-A-Vanners

  • We have had our first RV CHUCK residents, also known as Care-A-Vanners! They worked some days at the construction site and also helped at the CHUCK.
  • Graham in January stayed for a couple of weeks!
  • Denno & Jana arrived in February and stayed for a few weeks!
Care-a-vanner Graham.
Care-a-vanner Graham.

Educational Space

  • We continue to provide the classroom for groups to meet and potentially attract more volunteer involvement.
    • Recently we were able to host ICS (Interfaith Community Services) as well as other groups.

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