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Changes to the AZ Tax Credit allows donors to double their impact!

Arizona provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to organizations that serve the working poor. Recent changes double the amounts that individuals and married couples can make each year under this tax credit!

New changes to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit have increased the amount of tax-deductible dollars that families and individuals can donate to organizations that help the working poor.

The Arizona Tax Credit program allows donors to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on state income taxes. Individuals may claim a maximum credit of $400 and couples may claim $800. Taxpayers do not need to itemize on deductions to claim a credit for contributions to a qualifying charitable organization.

Habitat for Humanity Tucson is a qualifying charitable organization!

That means, donors in Arizona may direct money that they would otherwise spend in state income taxes to a qualifying charity of their choice. And, you can take both the School and the Charitable Tax Credit. Please donate today.

Keep your tax dollars local by donating to Habitat for Humanity Tucson to support home building and repair efforts in your community.

When you make a gift to Habitat Tucson, you will get a receipt of your donation that you can submit with your Arizona State income taxes.

It’s your money. Do good with it. Help us build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

To learn more, please visit or the Arizona Department of Revenue for more information. Contact us at for questions.

Consider becoming a monthly donor! It’s and easy way to give back and you can claim your tax credit at the end of the year. BFD 2014 TMC


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