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Connie Hillman Family Foundation Urban Construction Knowledge Center

Solutions for pressing issues

Habitat Tucson is developing a solution for two of the most pressing issues facing Arizona: the lack of affordable housing and a growing need for a skilled workforce in the trades.

The Connie Hillman Urban Construction Knowledge Center (CHUCK) serves as Habitat Tucson’s construction hub, warehouse, and training center.

The CHUCK provides job training and intern opportunities with real-world experience building affordable housing. The state-of-the-art facility features over 15,000 square-feet of storage, classroom, and office space.

innovations in housing solutions

The CHUCK Center introduces innovations in design to provide housing solutions for Habitat homes and holds the potential for rapid deployment of small/tiny homes and accessory dwelling units resulting in more homes and serving more families. The CHUCK will utilize modular prefabrication of exterior wall panels. The prefabrication program will make it easier for volunteers to build while improving pace, volume, cost and minimizing waste or offsite storage.

The CHUCK Center brings together local industries, educational institutions, expert volunteers, and strong financial support to create a significant shift that will allow Habitat Tucson to offer a “hand up” to more families, removing barriers to opportunity.

Information Packet

Download the CHUCK Center information packet PDF to learn more about how The CHUCK Center is Innovating for Impact in Tucson.

Trades person

Habitat Tucson welcomes skilled and unskilled volunteers at the CHUCK Center to participate in volunteer, hands-on construction, and learning opportunities. Share your skills with us or gain new ones! 

Americorp Housing

AmeriCorps housing will be available to AmeriCorps members serving at Habitat Tucson beginning in the 2024-2025 cycle. To apply to become a Habitat Tucson AmeriCorps member, contact us. 


Habitat Tucson partners with Pima Community College to offer credit hours for currently enrolled PCC students. COMING SOON: Habitat Tucson will soon offer educational opportunities in a hands-on and classroom setting at the CHUCK Center.

Building Self-Reliance

The trade fields, like construction, have seen a steady decline in skilled employees. As a generation of skilled tradesmen approaches retirement, not enough younger workers are trained to replace them. The Workforce Center will create a pathway into the trades by exposing students to all phases of affordable home construction.  Our goal is to empower aspiring tradespeople to build their careers locally. By building a skilled labor force, our whole community will benefit from the CHUCK Center.

Workforce Development

Our Workforce Development classroom is set for 30 students with 16 – 18 tables and equipped with technology.  

We are currently holding classes in conjunction with Pima Community College (PCC) every Wednesday as part of the Building and Construction Technologies curriculum at PCC. Students receive for-credit lab hours for participation at the CHUCK Center. Habitat Tucson is actively developing further opportunities for partnerships with additional local organizations to support workforce development.

Maximizing Resources

In support of developing a skilled workforce, the CHUCK Center provides Habitat Tucson with housing for Americorp Members and Caravanners. Through the federal AmeriCorps program, Habitat Tucson offers young adults (AmeriCorps Members) real-world work experiences and training. The AmeriCorps Members receive only a small stipend for their service, making living in Tucson impossible for most. Although Habitat Tucson has had several local Members join our team, many times positions have been left open due to the higher cost of living in Tucson compared with other eligible communities. Caravanners are Habitat volunteers who travel throughout the country in RVs. Previously, Habitat Tucson could not host Caravanners because we did not have space for RV hookups. With the addition of the CHUCK Center, we can harness this enthusiastic and uniquely skilled workforce.


As a CHUCK Center Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to train and work inside our innovative facility. Volunteers will participate in panelized construction building which involves using pre-assembled jigs to construct wall panels for home construction in a modular way. Additionally, volunteers will sometimes participate in traditional on-site construction.

As with any construction project, safety is of utmost importance. Volunteers will be provided with proper safety gear and training, and circle-ups (introductory information meetings) will still be practiced before every session to ensure that everyone stays safe on the job site.

While no prior construction experience is necessary, some basic skills such as the ability to use or learn to use hand or power tools such as hammers, saws and read measuring tape are helpful.

Volunteers will also receive training on site, which can be a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain hands-on experience.

  • Good communication
  • Work ethic
  • Team player
  • Capable of learning
  • Adherence to safety protocols
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.+

Thank you donors

We are so grateful for all of our donors!

Thank you sponsors

We are so grateful for all of our donors!
  • Dorothy Harmsen and Bill Harmsen, Sr. Charitable Foundation
  • AZ Construction Trades
  • Sam and Roni Swift
  • Del E Webb Foundation
  • John and Kathy Kitagawa
  • Long Realty Cares Foundation
  • Bob and List Swift
  • The John and Helen Murphy Foundation
  • Barbara Kelly
  • Gary and Becky Ratcliffe
  • Dave and Sally Clement
  • Laurence M Quicili
  • Judy Dare
  • Robert and Dorice Beren
  • Steve and Donna McKinnis

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Please contact Habitat Tucson if you or your organization are interested in partnering with us to teach and educate Tucson tradespeople.

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