Help us build our next home

from responsibility to reliability

It’s time to move from corporate responsibility to corporate reliability.

You can support Habitat Tucson’s mission to build homes, communities, and hope in Southern Arizona.

A corporate partnership with Habitat for Humanity Tucson can give your organization a way to enunciate your social responsibility strategy clearly and concisely – showcasing your impact, and care for our community. Stand out with your consumers, vendors, employees, peers and business partners by helping us build our next home in partnership with a local family in need of affordable housing.

Fund a Habitat Tucson home

A full home sponsorship is $100,000 — this is a portion of the cost to build a Habitat Tucson home.

What will you build with us?

Your Sponsorship Will:
  • Help more people in our community have access to simple, decent, affordable housing
  • Secure a family or individual to build financial independence
  • Create a stable home for children to pursue their education and thrive
  • Establish community relationships
  • Help navigate a highly constrained environment procuring materials and volunteers to ensure Habitat Tucson continues to build high-quality homes.
  • Help Habitat Tucson to raise $100,000 per house

Sponsorship Packet

Download the sponsorship packet to learn more about how you can get started helping fund a home today.

Did you know?

In Arizona, 1 in 7 households spend half or more of their income on housing?








Arizona has experienced a 30.9% escalation in housing costs in one year (2022)


huge shortage of affordable homes for extremely low-income renters in Arizona


Fund a Habitat Tucson home

How does sponsorship benefit your organization? You can choose to participate in a volunteer build day at Habitat, it’s a terrific team building experience. Your employees, organization as a whole, and brand will be publicly associated with the history, impact, and brand value of Habitat for Humanity Tucson.

National studies have shown that corporate relationships with impact-based nonprofits boost employee engagement and brand promotion. And there is no substitution for the sense of accomplishment shared after meeting a common goal!

All donations to Habitat Tucson are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


For more information about the details of the benefits, please contact Cynthia Wasco at cynthiaw@habitattucson.org.

your gift helps families like Alex and Fernanda invest in their future

Alex and Fernanda used to live in a mobile home with their four kids sharing one small room. In addition to being crowded, the mobile home also had structural problems that made it unsafe.

As a young family, they wanted to invest in their future. Purchasing a home will enable them to take ownership of their goals and achieve their dreams. Fernanda’s biggest desire is for the kids to have the freedom to come back to their home once they are older. She knows that she can always go back to her parents’ home, the home that she had when she was a child. She says, “Every time I pass by there, it’s impossible for me to forget where we come from.” She wants to give her children a sense of rootedness and connection.

But most of all, Fernanda would be proud if one day her children can say to themselves, “I remember when my parents were working their butts off for this house.”

Their home was partially sponsored by corporate partners, just like you.

Sponsorship Interest Form

If you or your group/company are interested in becoming a Habitat Tucson Sponsor, fill out the form below and a representative from Habitat for Humanity Tucson will contact you as soon as possible!
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