Affinity builds

creating opportunities for affinity groups to help

We value bringing people together.

We are proud of our inclusivity, and we make a special effort to reach out to demographics that have historically faced barriers to accessing affordable housing.

Each of our Affinity Builds creates an opportunity for members of each Affinity group.

Women, Veterans, Rainbow, and Faith come together to support Habitat’s mission, build community connections, and receive services.

Learn more about each Affinity Build today!

Each Affinity Build is structured slightly differently to meet unique needs and make everyone at Habitat feel truly welcome.

Women Build

Women Build funds new homes for single mom households. The Women Builders is on the forefront of advocating for affordable housing. Habitat Tucson annually hosts a Women Build event to celebrate Women Build donors, volunteers + sponsors.

Veterans Build

Veterans Build funds new construction and home repair for Veterans. The Veterans Committee supports Veteran homebuyers throughout the homebuying process and builds connections in the Veteran and military communities. Habitat Tucson annually hosts a Veterans Build event to celebrate our Veterans Build volunteers and sponsors.

Rainbow Build

Rainbow Builders is a new and welcoming opportunity to meet friends, learn + deepen construction skills, build connections, and refer LGBTQ+ people to our services. The Rainbow Builders will meet regularly for build days and social events. Habitat Tucson annually hosts a Rainbow Build event to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ volunteers and Rainbow Build sponsors.

Faith Build

The Faith Build Committee hosts a yearly Faith Breakfast, monthly Faith Committee meetings, and monthly Adopt-A-Lot neighborhood revitalization programs to engage local religious communities in supporting Habitat Tucson’s mission. Habitat Tucson annually hosts a Faith Build event to celebrate volunteers and sponsors from the Faith community.
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