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Safe and affordable housing

Habitat Tucson works with families and individuals to create access to safe, affordable housing.

By partnering with Habitat Tucson, you can purchase an affordable home or repair your existing home.

Our model relies on people like you to work alongside us to make homeownership possible and sustainable for you and your family.

Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

By creating affordable homeownership opportunities for families in and around Tucson, we are building a stronger future for families and neighbors alike.

New Home Construction

Habitat Tucson builds new, high-quality, affordable homes that bring value to Tucson neighborhoods. Habitat has constructed over 400 safe and stable homes in Southern Arizona.

Home Repair

Habitat partners with existing homeowners to address the need for interior and exterior repairs on aging or damaged homes. This may include minor appearance upgrades to accessibility renovations, with a goal to address health and safety concerns.


We have a commitment to serving our nation’s heroes and veteran neighbors by providing home repairs and homeownership opportunities.

Age in Place

Habitat Tucson offers assistance to our senior community members when home repairs become a physical or monetary challenge. Repairs are intended to ensure safety and stability and allow our neighbors to live comfortably for years to come.

Neighborhood Revitalization

By improving the appearance of neighborhoods with the help of volunteer groups, we have the ability to create lasting change for many neighbors.

Nonprofit Partnership

Local nonprofits can utilize the HabiStore to help keep unwanted items from the landfill.

Alyssa's Story

Alyssa is Habitat Tucson’s youngest homebuyer at 24. She became a mom at age 17 and has accomplished so much since then. She wanted to ensure stability for herself and her son Roque, so she started working and saving. Alyssa was very close to her grandparents, which led her to a career as a caregiver in retirement communities. She is a sweet, strong young woman.

When she was beginning our program, Alyssa said, “Having a home with a fixed, affordable mortgage will help us. But right now, we struggle.” Like so many, Alyssa faced the critical need brought on by rental inflation and a high cost of living. Her rent for a one bedroom apartment was 50% of her salary.

You might relate to some or all of Alyssa’s story. Our program could be a good fit for you!


Habitat homes are built in partnership with the homebuyer(s) and the community.


We partner with local limited income homeowners who are in need of repair or maintenance on their homes.


Everyone needs a decent place to live. We understand that not every family will fit into our program.

Own a home

Habitat homes are built in partnership with the homebuyer(s) and the community. A family qualifies through demonstrating need, willingness to partner, and ability to pay. Learn about requirements, qualifications, and how to apply for homeownership.

Home Repairs

If you own your home and are in need of home repairs, either internal or external, Habitat may be able to help. We have a history of expertise and would love to partner with you. Learn more and apply today.

Other Resources

Habitat Tucson works alongside families in partnership to achieve or maintain homeownership. If you are in need of urgent help or if you have reviewed our resources and determined that you do not qualify, please view other community resources here.
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