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Davalos Family

Sharing a small space with many people comes with obvious struggles, but for the Davalos family, struggling for room in their apartment’s sole bathroom causes the most turmoil.

The family of five shares a small two-bedroom apartment. The oldest son, 16-year-old Francisco Javier, typically has to sleep in the living room. The Davalos are more than ready to have their own home and adequate space for everyone.

“We’re so happy,” said Estella about being a part of the Habitat for Humanity Tucson program.

Estella and Francisco Davalos escaped violence and severe economic downturn when they chose to move to Tucson from Mazatlan, Mexico. But they didn’t find the American dream right away.

When a friend approached them and told them that Habitat for Humanity Tucson might be an option, they immediately looked into it and suddenly, their dream seemed more like a reality.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Estella, who added that their journey with Habitat Tucson has been very different than what they expected — in a good way.

The family is looking forward to more space for everyone and the ability to save up money that would otherwise be going toward rent. The home offers them a stable roof and a place for the kids to enjoy activities. They know they have a lot of work to do, but look forward to a bright future together.

“We’re grateful for this program,” said Estella. “So happy to be here.”

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