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Delcido Family

Maria and Richard Delcido were celebrating Richard’s birthday when they got an unexpected present — they received the news that their family had been selected to receive a Habitat for Humanity Tucson home.

Both Richard and Maria have overcome personal hardships. Throughout their youth, they each learned important life values and morals that continue to guide them today. Together, they now have high hopes for their family and continue to strive for financial stability and homeownership. That’s where Habitat Tucson came in.

“God has helped us through all this,” Richard said. “We have hope now.”

When they met in church and later married, they viewed it as a message from God. God was also present when they received word that they had been accepted to Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s housing program.

“This is a blessed program,” said Richard. “It’s very beautiful.”

The couple enjoys volunteering and giving back to their community. Maria especially enjoys meeting her future neighbors at build sites.

“It’s fun!” she exclaimed. “When you begin serving the Lord in all that you do, he starts giving us blessings. This is one of them.”

The family was renting a two-bedroom apartment with their three children. They eventually moved to a bigger home for more space, but when Richard’s eldest son moved out, the family was stuck with an incredibly expensive lease. Now, the couple is dedicated to securing a stable and affordable home for their family.

“It’s just love. Home is love,” said Maria. “God will make a way.”

The family looks forward to having more room for their children and being able to save money for their futures. Having a home of their own will also provide them with a community of fellowship, peace, security and joy. They plan on making it a lively and blessed space.

“I want to show my kids, and have something for my kids,” Richard added. “I can’t wait.”

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