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Gomez Family

For Candi Gomez, home means love, peace, family and being united. While Candi and her daughter, Vanessa, are grateful for the help of friends and feel safe where they live, it isn’t a home.

Since May 2013, Candi and Vanessa – and their 4-year-old dog, Nicky – have lived in an unfinished two-car garage that has been converted into a room.

Candi works in the packing department at US Foods. Vanessa is the most important thing in her life and becoming a Habitat Homeowner is as much for the daughter as the mother.

“I am thankful mostly for our health, and that we are good and safe,” Candi says. “Anything I do is for my daughter and me — for us. I want a home, to provide a secure and safe environment for my daughter, and I will be excited to have my own space.”

Vanessa, an eighth grader, likes her math and science teachers a lot because they inspire her with their good advice. “They talk to me about my future.” Vanessa’s dream is to attend college. “I’m planning on going to college to find a career, and I want to help my mom with everything. I will keep studying until I reach my goals.”

What excites Candi most about moving into her own home is security. Vanessa says she’s also so grateful for everything that she and her mom have now, but she smiles when she envisions having a home of her own.

“I feel very grateful; I am so glad we will have something of our own!”

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