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Howell-Campos Family

First comes love, and then comes marriage. That’s how it happened for local teacher John Howell and wife Gaby Campos who just welcomed their first-born baby girl. She’s beautiful with a head full of dark, thick hair. She’s a blessing and a gift.

Now, the couple want to give her a large gift too – the gift of growing up in a home that belongs to her family. 

A home is not a simple thing for Gaby and John to give. It hasn’t been wasn’t without hard work and struggle.

In fact, the dream of raising a family in a home of their own seemed always just out of reach for the newly-wed couple. 

Such is the reality for many families in Tucson and Southern Arizona. But for John and Gaby, homeownership is now in their future.

Everyone deserves a safe and decent place to call home.

“Home means love… and responsibility,” said John. “Home means family.”

Habitat for Humanity Tucson offers an innovative solution to the crisis of rising home prices, which make it nearly impossible for some families to own a house. Finding out they were eligible for Habitat’s homeownership program actually was quite the surprise for John, a teacher, but a welcomed opportunity for the young family.

John and Gaby are looking forward to having a place where they can make the center of their lives.

During her pregnancy, Gaby volunteered at the HabiStore. She said working there made her, “feel like I’m doing something good and supporting the cause,” she said. “It feels so nice to help others.”

She is thankful that there were opportunities for her to volunteer and complete her ‘sweat equity’ hours while pregnant. “They give you something you CAN do,” she said.

Both are thankful for the “beautiful experience” they’ve had working alongside Habitat staff and supporters. They are also thankful for the blessing that has been their ability to meet their neighbors and make new friends with other Habitat homeowners.

Families like John & Gaby’s need you.

Today, you can open the door to a brighter future for families in Tucson. Make a gift, volunteer or shop at the HabiStore to build a better community for all.

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