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Take a 3D Tour of Habitat’s Small House!

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Take a 3D tour!

Animation and interior design by Megan Cooper, original house design by Judy Theriot.

Rents are rising, populations are increasing, and land is getting more expensive. So how do we address the growing affordable housing crisis in new and innovative ways?

Habitat for Humanity is approaching the problem by introducing Habitat Tucson’s very first small home.

At just 900 sq. feet, this 2-bedroom 1-bathroom home is the perfect fit for smaller families.

This new model will help meet the needs of low-income seniors, disabled adults, veterans and single parent families.

Habitat Tucson’s board was excited to fully fund this first innovative house—and to change a decades-old model of how we build houses.

The board sees this new small house model as a game-changer in many ways. Building smaller not only helps families achieve their dreams of a safe home, but also benefits the environment and sustainability goals.

Carmen Cueva, Computer-Aided Design Faculty and Department Head at Pima Community College (pictured), helped create a partnership between Habitat Tucson and Pima Community College. She led students in designing our newest housing model.

Carmen says, “These homes are going to nurture families for the next 30 or more years. It’s where they’ll feel joy, where they’ll celebrate… This home creates a safe environment for them that you had a part in.”

Deep Dive - Podcast

Carmen speaks to Mrs. Green’s world about the exciting possibilities of 900 square feet. Listen Now.

Are you or your company interested in getting involved in this project? Contact us at[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]

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