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A letter from a grateful Habitat mom

Every Habitat homebuyer contributes 250 or more hours of sweat equity, and their children above 16 are invited to help them with their hours by participating as well.

Our homebuyer Cassandra has three kids, two daughters and a son named CJ. CJ has a rare condition affecting his ability to balance. CJ was so excited to join his mom on the construction site, but she was a bit nervous about it. However, as soon as they arrived to the build site, they were welcomed warmly by a member of our construction staff: Remy.

Cassandra told us that over the course of her and her kids’ sweat equity hours, Remy was an amazing role model for her and her kids, especially providing guidance to her son. She sent us this message, and we wanted to share it with you:

“I thought that I would send this email, because not only am I thankful for this opportunity that I have been blessed with, but to meet the people throughout this process and adventure.

There is one person that I would really love to show my appreciation to as he has been such an amazing and positive person since day one. He goes above and beyond and he’s always nonstop and one look away from knowing we may need some assistance. Remy always says he can tell when we need help because we give him “the look.”

No matter on our tired days or even off days, getting to the construction site Remy is always giving off his amazing energy that puts us all in such a great mood.

But my biggest appreciation and what I am most thankful for is that he has taken it upon himself to make my son feel unstoppable whether he knows it or not.

He has taught my son how to use tools he never thought he would ever use (because of his condition) learn things he never thought he wanted to and has made him feel special and appreciated in ways he has no idea!

I’m not going to lie, when Remy first gave him a saw, I was beyond frightened and terrified. Remy told me not to worry. He said it was his favorite tool so he wanted to teach my son how to use it. He made sure to do practice runs prior to allowing him to do it on his own. The confidence he has in his teaching and in my son I will forever be thankful for!

I have attached a few photos of many that I have captured. I hope that you can love and appreciate them as much as I do.”

Pictured: CJ using a drill.

This is the magic of Habitat: bringing people together from all communities and walks of life to build homes and hope.


At Habitat, sharing knowledge between generations is one of our core values. We want to build a strong community full of people who care about each other. Remy’s leadership is an excellent example of going above and beyond to give a ‘hand up’.


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