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A Place to Gather Together: Alexis and Fernanda

“Home is a place where we can build our faith with our children, and where they can start building their faith. A place for them to feel happy, and feel loved, and be loved. And so faith plays a big role.”

  – Alexis

Alexis and Fernanda currently live in a mobile home. Alexis works at El Rio Health and Fernanda works at home. Their four kids share one small room. Fernanda’s mom lives there too, and the mobile home has structural problems that make it unsafe.

Housing insecurity wasn’t part of Alexis and Fernanda’s dream for themselves. They were young sweethearts: they met at church when they were just 18 and 19 and got married a few years later. Now, they are in their late twenties and have 4 kids. 

Recently, they lost Fernanda’s father, and Fernanda’s mother has been grieving since then. To care for her in her grief, Alexis and Fernanda welcomed her into their home. They never regret their hospitality even for a moment, but their mobile home just wasn’t built to house 7 people.

Alexis and Fernanda are a young family looking to establish new memories and invest in their future. Purchasing a home will enable them to take ownership of their goals and achieve their dreams as a family. Fernanda asks rhetorically, “Were we going to continue throwing our money away, or invest in our future?”

Alexis and Fernanda want their kids to grow up in safety, security, and stability.

Alexis and Fernanda’s biggest goal is establishing and passing on a sense of unity and belonging to their children. 

They are looking forward to space enough for them to gather together.

Gathering together is special for Alexis because it is a celebration of the faith that is so important to Alexis and Fernanda. Alexis said, “There’s a Bible verse that talks about breaking the bread. Basically, that was the Last Supper, Jesus Christ breaking the bread. Sharing. Coming together. Being able to gather and share. And home will be a place to do that. We can break the bread.”

Fernanda’s biggest desire is for the kids to have the freedom to come back to their home once they are older. She knows that she can always go back to the home she had when she was a child. She says, “Every time I pass by there, it’s impossible for me to forget where we come from.” She wants to give her children the sense of rootedness and connection that she always had as a child.

But most of all, Fernanda would be proud if one day her children can say to themselves, 

I remember when my parents were working their butts off for this house.” 

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