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Campos Family

Blanca Campos is always rearranging her furniture. She loves decorating and playing with the way things look in her living space. It’s some of the only peace she finds in her condo located in the middle of a crime-riddled neighborhood.

“I grew up moving a lot,” said Blanca. “I want my kids to know one home.”

Blanca currently resides in a three-bedroom condo where she and her two children often hear gunshots and witness street racing. It’s not a safe neighborhood and she doesn’t feel that her growing children are experiencing some of the joys of childhood because of fear for their safety.

Additionally, the family lacks adequate space. HHer 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter share a room, since one of the bedrooms is in a basement and unlivable.

The single mom is determined to provide a strong and lasting foundation for her children. She has worked tirelessly at two jobs to be able to pay a mortgage on a home, but as is the story for many, it just wasn’t enough.

However, Habitat for Humanity opened a door that will allow Blanca to fulfill her dream.

“This home will be mine. It will be our family home,” she said.

Blanca is looking forward to sharing moments and memories with her family. More importantly, she knows that through this opportunity, she will be able to live in a much safer community where she’ll be able to maintain healthy relationships with her neighbors.

“I’m really excited,” she said. “This is a new step in our lives.”

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