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Uwamahoro Family

“In my mind, I already have my own place to live.”

It’s the next chapter to an incredible journey.

Single mother and widow, Agnes Uwamahoro, has endured a harrowing and difficult journey. She persevered through 19 years as a refugee. She overcame extreme sadness after the death of her husband. She has escaped fear and extreme poverty. Through it all, Agnes retained willpower to continue searching for something better. and brushes with death.

Agnes escaped genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and traveled through many African countries before coming to the United States. She has since worked hard at two jobs and has taken educational classes. Now, Agnes is hopeful that Habitat for Humanity Tucson can help her provide her family a permanent residence where they can grow together.

“I thought, ‘maybe it’s my chance to have my own house and be able to be stable’,” she said.

The family has been sharing a one-bedroom apartment, and is ready to never have to move again. It’s a chance for Agnes to provide for her children while being able to save some of the income from her two jobs money instead of struggling to pay rent.

For her two kids, the idea of having their own rooms is exciting. They are also thrilled that they won’t need to change schools anymore.

Agnes says Habitat has not only brought the joy of homeownership to her and her family — but also a sense of community and belonging that they now feel in their hearts.

“There’s such joy being with those volunteers,” Agnes said. “When I go and see all those volunteers — that’s feeling good… gives me hope.”

Agnes loves the Habitat family and has promised to continue volunteering even after receiving her home. And for the first time ever, she’ll be able to envision a future free from doubt and fear. She’ll know a home that she can call her own.

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