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A Look at Your Impact in 2020

This past year, more than 155 individuals in Tucson benefited from the kindness of Habitat Tucson supporters, volunteers — and you.[mk_milestone icon=”mk-moon-home-3″ icon_size=”medium” align=”center” icon_color=”#00afd7″ stop=”11″ speed=”1014″ suffix=”Families” text=”moved into new, safe, energy-efficient, and stable homes” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_milestone icon=”mk-moon-hammer” icon_size=”medium” align=”center” stop=”26″ speed=”1113″ suffix=”Home Repair Projects” text=”improved the quality of life for seniors, veterans, families, and individuals” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_milestone icon=”mk-moon-heart-5″ icon_size=”medium” align=”center” icon_color=”#a4343a” stop=”1800″ suffix=”Volunteers” text=”helped build and repair homes in and around the greater Tucson community” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_milestone icon=”mk-moon-droplet-2″ icon_size=”medium” align=”center” icon_color=”#00afd7″ stop=”4958″ suffix=”Sweat Equity Hours” text=”completed by Habitat homebuyers” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_milestone icon=”mk-li-clock” icon_size=”medium” align=”center” icon_color=”#888b8d” stop=”40000″ suffix=”Donated Hours” text=”to support Habitat Tucson’s mission to build a more just and compassionate world” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_milestone icon=”mk-moon-gift-2″ icon_size=”medium” align=”center” icon_color=”#00afd7″ stop=”2102″ suffix=”Individual Donors” text=”supported home building and repair efforts in our community” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_milestone icon=”mk-icon-recycle” icon_size=”medium” align=”center” icon_color=”#43b02a” stop=”950″ suffix=”Tons” text=”saved from the landfill annually thanks to HabiStore donations” text_color=”#000000″ font_family=”none”][mk_image heading_title=”Check out our 2019-2020 Annual Report!” src=”” image_size=”large” link=””]Proud to serve our community for 40 years. See our timeline here.

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