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Duarte & Fimbres Family

“We’ve gotten used to living this way.”

For Juan Duarte, Edith Fimbres and their daughter, Kiara, “this way” includes high rent, a leaky home, unsecure windows and a no sense of safety. Juan, who works at Northern Pipeline, has to perform and pay for any maintenance on the rental home. And Edith can’t take Kiara outside to play.

These are living conditions no one should have to get used to.

But with Kiara as inspiration, Juan and Edith have a much brighter future as Habitat Homeowners. “We want a home so that we can give Kiara a better life,” says Juan, emphasizing that Kiara will no longer have her toys stolen.

“Having our own home, seeing the baby playing in her own room, seeing her outdoors playing with her toys in a fenced yard ¬- it means everything,” says Edith, who now radiates hope, strength and commitment. She smiles imagining what it will be like when they have their own home.

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