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Ed shows us what a good Habi-tude is all about!

Heroes Among Us [mk_font_icons icon=”mk-icon-shopping-cart” color=”#00a4db” size=”x-large” padding_horizental=”4″ padding_vertical=”4″ circle=”true” circle_color=”#f5f5f5″ align=”none” link=”URL”]Our volunteers are ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things.

Ed is the textbook definition of a hard worker. Coupled with a positive attitude in everything he sets his mind to, Ed stands out as volunteer at the HabiStore.

[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full” frame_style=”rounded” desc=”Ed at the Tucson HabiStore”]You can find Ed in the store or lending a hand for special pickups. When the HabiStore needed volunteers to do a pickup in Phoenix, Ed was more than happy to help. It unexpectedly ended up being a long day but Ed saw this as an adventure his positive attitude never faltered.

Ed started volunteering at the HabiStore in December of 2016 and quickly became a volunteer crew leader trainer. He’s also taken it upon himself to organize paint products in the HabiStore.

The HabiStore sells new paint products and tools for customers’ DIY projects or to complement their purchases at the store. Since these products are not one of a kind, they require inventory and reordering. Ed is on top of it. He keeps the paint section fully stocked and organized so that customers can easily find what they need.

Ed has been in customer service for about nine years and loves interacting with people on the sales floor. He’s also passionate about Pokémon and he’s happy when his two passions come together.

“Pearl is a daily customer and a Pokémon Go player. We like to talk about Pokémon Go and I give her tips on strategy,” says Ed. He’s even caught some Pokémon in the store.

Because of his responsibilities, the HabiStore counts on Ed.

“Everybody loves me here and it’s a good feeling,” he says. He also appreciates all the experience he’s getting as a trainee and a supervisor.

“It feels good to help others.” he says.

Whether you’ve got tons of work experience or you’re trying to build some, we’ve got a place for you at the HabiStore!

To register for an upcoming new volunteer training, click here.

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