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Felix Family

Christine Felix is a single mother of three.  She remembers the day she was informed that she was selected: “I did not even have the words to explain my excitement, I just cried and cried”.   She became a mother at a very young age and learned very quickly how to care for her children.  Her oldest son Daniel states “Mom is the rock of the family”.

Christine’s children, Daniel, Jacob & Leilani are very ready to be in their own home.  Daniel, who is disabled knows that not having the proper setting can be very problematic.  He has broken many things in their home just trying to do regular daily activities and said “I cannot wait for the day that we move in”.   Jacob, who is an amazing student and athlete, adds “Finally we will have a home of our own and we will not have to move in and out of Nana’s house anymore”   In addition he states “I cannot wait to sleep in my own room with a door “.   Leilani, who wants to be a doctor, is planning on decorating her room with a fish theme.  When Leilani was asked, what are you going to do in your room?   She Responded:  “I am going to sleep in it”.  She has always shared a room with Mom.

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