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“Finding a Place for Me and My Boys” – Denim’s Story

Family is the most important thing in Denim’s life. But as a single mother of two sons, it’s been tough living in a bad neighborhood and constantly worrying about her kids’ safety. In their cramped 2 bedroom house, Denim has had a bad mice problem and the landlord refuses to call an exterminator. All in all, it isn’t the best place to raise a family. 

Denim was doing everything she could to find a more suitable place to stay, but with the cost of home rising higher each year, it felt impossible. She says, “With everything going on right now as far as prices, I couldn’t find a place for me and my boys.”

Denim heard about Habitat for Humanity from a lot of different people and after attending an Information Session, she hoped she would be a good fit.

“Home is stability, a place to call our own.”

When Denim got the call about being accepted into the Habitat homeownership program, she sighed in relief. It felt like seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel. After never having a stable home for her boys, she would no longer have to worry about it. She never thought that she would be accepted, but she was accepted right away! And now she has a chance to purchase her safe, stable forever home. 

Denim started her sweat equity hours in June and in a few short months has almost completed them. She especially loves volunteering at the HabiStore, and has learned a lot about construction from the job site. She says, “It’s not something I have ever done, so I learned a lot!” She was so excited when she finally got to choose her house and can’t wait to move in once construction is complete.

Denim says that everything will be different once she and her boys move in. She can finally provide a stable home in a safe part of town. She knows a stable home means more opportunities will open up for her boys. A change of scenery will bring on a safe neighborhood as well as better school districts and other perks. Denim won’t have to worry anymore when her kids are playing outside or walking home from school. And they’ll know all their neighbors—fellow Habitat Tucson homebuyers that she’s bonded with as they completed their classes and sweat equity together.

To Denim, home is extremely important. Being a single mother, she is the sole person her children can lean on. And a home is a safe place they can all lean on, together. She knows that this is the next step for their future and she can’t wait to unlock the front door and know: this is home. A place that is only hers.

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