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Fred Dardis: HabiStore Volunteer and Donor

When Fred Dardis was in the Peace Corps, he learned he wasn’t going to save the world. “You may affect this one person one time,” Fred says. “But the minor contributions become major contributions.”

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A retired city judge, Fred has been a mainstay of the Habitat Tucson community since the 90’s. He’s built houses, served on the board, makes generous gifts, and is a devoted HabiStore volunteer. Every Wednesday morning, he can be found working the sales floor, knowing that every dollar the HabiStore makes gets poured back into the community. “That’s the best part for me,” says Fred. “Knowing that you’re making a difference.  When people come in, I say, ‘We’re here to build houses, man.  That’s our job.  You buy a couch and we build a house.’”

I say, “We’re here to build houses. You buy a couch and we build a house.”

[mk_font_icons icon=”mk-moon-home-11″ color=”#00afd7″ size=”xx-large”][mk_image src=”” image_size=”large” desc=”Fred Dardis building homes, community, and hope” align=”center”]Fred not only gives of his time and his talents, but also makes a point to give to Habitat regularly. “At Habitat, I know that it will be well used,” says Fred. He sees his gift in action in a myriad of ways — through programs like Veterans Build, Women Build, A Brush with Kindness, and neighborhood rehab projects. He sees it as a part of a communal effortall of us working together towards a common goal.

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