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From Habitat Home to College Grad

“Thank you for supporting my future by giving my family the opportunity to build a home.” —Christina H.When Habitat Tucson first met Christina, she was a young girl, the daughter of Habitat homebuyers Duong Dai Huynh and Huong Cam Phu. At the time of their application, the three of them were living in a single room together. The summers were too hot, the winters too cold.

They knew being accepted into the Habitat program would mean more than enough space to grow. Back in 2007, they said, “We want to save money to raise our child, so she can go to college in the future.”

Now, their dream has come true! Christina graduated from the University of Arizona this past May with dual degrees in Biochemistry and Nutrition.

All of this was possible because she grew up in a safe, stable, affordable home.[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]

To Habitat for Humanity Tucson,

Thank you for supporting my future by giving my family the opportunity to build a home in 2007. Since then, I’ve graduated from high school and am now graduating from The University of Arizona Honors College with degrees in Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences. I also want to thankt he office for allowing me to intern, volunteer, and give back to Habitat and the larger community. Finally, I would like to invite the Habitat community to join my family in celebrating my graduation ceremonies as they are live streamed.


Christina Huynh

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