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Graham Bliss, Our AmeriCorps Volunteer

Graham Bliss is Habitat for Humanity’s Tucson 2022 AmeriCorps member. Graham is a 23 year old U of A transfer studying Psychology.

AmeriCorps members serve full-time helping families build strong and stable homes, all while gaining real-world experience. AmeriCorps members serve in leadership roles on an active build site and at a local Habitat affiliate assisting families, volunteers, and staff.

Apart from helping out on A Brush With Kindness paint sites, he likes making music in his free time. Graham loves being able to help people and when speaking about his future career says, “In the future, I want to go into social work, something helping other people.” Graham chose to come to Habitat for many reasons but primarily he knew the need for safe and affordable housing. He loved Habitat’s mission to make sure everyone in the community had a place to live. Graham wanted to volunteer somewhere that a lot of AmeriCorps volunteers didn’t choose and Habitat for Humanity was a perfect fit. Housing is an issue that is really important to Graham, he says, “Housing is a very important part of living.”

Whether he is working on a build site or in the Habitat office, Graham is always looking to help out. Just last weekend, he was at a Brush with Kindness event helping out a local family repaint their house. While he doesn’t have much experience in this kind of work, he is eager to pick up a brush. He says, “I’ve never painted before, but I enjoy learning new things” This is the kind of helpful attitude you can expect from Graham.

Graham has really enjoyed his time so far at Habitat for Humanity. He says, “I think it’s been really fulfilling to see how much Habitat does for the community and how much they help people get affordable and sustainable housing.” He loves getting to speak with donors and learn about their motivations behind supporting Habitat for Humanity. Graham gets to see the good in people and interact with people who truly care about the community and the people who make up Tucson. 

Our Volunteer Coordinator Gina says, “Graham being a part of the Habitat family has been great! He has been a kind soul who is reaching out to many supporters of Habitat and we appreciate his time and commitment” To Graham home means somewhere you can feel truly safe. Many people grow up without a place to call home, which is so unfortunate. Graham is glad to be a part of the solution to our ongoing housing crisis. He is always the one to step up and help out our other volunteers. [mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”][mk_mini_callout title=”Get Involved” button_text=”Get Involved” button_url=”/get-involved”]

Habitat for Humanity Tucson brings people together to create and maintain homeownership in our neighborhoods by partnering with hard-working, low-income families, and to inspire action towards our ultimate goal of eliminating poverty housing. From donating money or goods, to volunteering on site or in the HabiStore, we have many ways for you to take action and help improve your community by changing lives.


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