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HabiStore, Good for the Environment, Good for You

Habitat for Humanity’s HabiStore acts as a hub for recycling in the greater Tucson area. Last year we saved 1040 tons of usable household items from being sent to a landfill. These items are all gently used and shouldn’t be sent to be trashed. We repurpose these items to prevent landfill buildup. Most of HabiStore’s items sold are from donations from community members and the proceeds are used to fund our build projects that give affordable housing to others in the community.  


This kind of recycling ensures that items that would otherwise be trashed can be given a new purpose.  [mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]By keeping donations out of landfills, Habitat for Humanity is trying to help with sustainability. HabiStore has many sustainability efforts, another being our Cars for Homes program. We have taken over 50 old cars and donated all the proceeds to our build projects. This program allows us to recycle cars and help even more families than before. By donating to us you are ensuring that your item and money will go to a family in need. Donating to Habitat for Humanity is so important to us because all the money raised gets put back into building forever homes for families and making sure they have strength, stability, and independence in order to build a better future.  


All of our programs have sustainability in mind and how we can help families while also helping the environment.  

Get Involved!

If this interests you, Habitat for Humanity is always looking for donations, whether that is your time as a volunteer, old items, cars, or financial support. When you shop or donate at the HabiStore you support Habitat’s mission- that everyone deserves a safe and stable place to call home. If you are interested in donating visit our shop today! 

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