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In Memory of Leland

LelandIn Loving Memory of Leland 

It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our good friend Leland Yarbrough, who passed away April 15. We join with his family in mourning the loss of such a remarkable person.

Leland was the first volunteer with Habitat Tucson in 1980, and was involved in the building of 279 Habitat Tucson homes. He started what we refer to as the “regulars” and set the foundation for Habitat Tucson’s volunteer corps, demonstrating dedication and a true passion for our mission. In honor of his influence and dedication, Habitat recognizes outstanding volunteers every year with an award in his name called Leland’s Army. The first official Leland’s Army ceremony was in 2009 and since then, 52 volunteers have been inducted into the Army. Today, 42 of the inductees are “regulars,” volunteering with Habitat Tucson at least once a week.

Mark Burke, Habitat’s Building Technology/Rehabilitation Specialist remembers Leland.

“I remember that Leland always wore a one-piece jumpsuit and had homemade lunch to share with his buddy Perry every day,” Mark said. “After three months of trying to get to the job site before Leland I finally asked why he always showed up so early. His honest answer, with his usual chuckle, was not that he wanted to show me up, just that he drove in from the west side of town and hated driving into the sunrise. He was a gentle soul with patience and good will towards all.”

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