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The Lujan Family

Sara Lujan is the loving, dedicated mother of three beautiful girls, Aubryana, Ayniesa and Aria. Sara has suffered from a serious heart condition for many years and has had to endure three surgeries to repair the problem, all of which were unsuccessful.

After her second heart surgery, Sara developed an uncommon condition which complicated her medical condition. After an
artificial pacemaker was inserted next to her heart, Sara has been able to live a more normal. Because of her unwavering faith in God, she has not let her health issues define her.

Through all of her struggles Sara has maintained her faith and her love of her children, which have both served as an inexhaustible source of energy and optimism. She’s also blessed with the a
supportive sister, parents and grandmother all of whom have
provided love, encouragement and stability for her through her illness.

But she’s never had the one thing that she’s always wanted for her and her girls, which is a home of their own. “I was praying for a long time for something good to happen to me and my girls,” Sara says, “…but I didn’t know what it was. But when I received a call from Habitat, I knew that this was that good thing.”

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