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The Leopoldo Family

Johnson Leopoldo and Rose Salvestro are the proud parents of five amazing children. Their journey to the United States was a long and harrowing one. Leopoldo and Rose originally hail from South Sudan, a country that has only very recently gained its
independence from the Republic of the Sudan. South Sudan, in its brief history, has been through several civil wars.

As a result of the political and ideological changes and the country’s destabilization Johnson and Rose found themselves
targeted by extremists waging war across the land. They had to leave their home country and they immigrated to a refugee camp in Ethiopia, where they lived in a U.N. camp for over fifteen years until they finally got word that they would be placed in the United States.

Fast forward to the present day: Johnson, Rose, and their entire family have become naturalized U.S. citizens and are just one step away from achieving the American dream. “We’re excited.” Johnson says. Not having to be moving around all the time, being safe, settled and having stability are their biggest reasons for homeownership. And with such a turbulent transition to the U.S., one can understand why. The family is elated to have made it here to the States, where the best part of their lives and the brightest part of their children’s future is waiting for them in their brand new home!

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