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My Intern Experience

My time as an intern at Habitat for Humanity has been one of the most rewarding experiences I did as an undergrad. Before I had applied, I knew I wanted to intern at an organization that gives back to the Tucson Community. I have lived in Tucson for 8 years and it is truly my home. I love this city and Habitat seemed like a perfect fit. 

Going into my internship, I knew that Habitat was a place that provided housing for community members, but that was about it. I learned about Habitats many different programs. I had no clue that they offered critical home repairs, a brush with kindness, or that the Habistore even existed! Throughout my time here I was able to work with all of these programs and see how much change they can offer the community. Working under Laura and Melissa was amazing. The first thing they asked me when I started was “What do you want to learn?” They were attentive to all of my needs and everything  mentioned that I wanted to learn. They would come to me with ideas of how they could help. At every stage in this process I was supported by them and in the end I learned so much. 

One of the main parts of my job as an intern was writing blog posts like the one you are reading. I got the opportunity to interview Habitat families and be able to amplify their voices. I found this especially inspiring because I was able to tell their stories. To be able to talk with these families and see the real difference Habitat makes in people’s lives was truly amazing. Everytime I would talk to a new family, I would have even more reasons to love what I did. Working here made me feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives. 

Mitchell at a Critical Home Repair Event.
The most impactful day of my internship was when I got to work on and interview Habistore volunteers. When Habitat says they couldn’t do what they do without their volunteers, they aren’t lying. I had the opportunity to interview some of our Habistore volunteers and be able to thank them in person. I got to see a new perspective from the volunteers. They are some of the kindest people I have ever met and it was so fun to get to talk to them.

This internship has changed the course of my undergraduate years. After I graduate I have decided to go into marketing for other non-profit organizations. I truly enjoyed being able to share peoples stories and do good in the community. This is something I want to continue to do after my time at Habitat. I will forever cherish my time at this organization and would encourage everyone who wants to volunteer to get involved. This blog post was written by Mitchell K. Spring 2022 Intern from the University of Arizona[mk_circle_image src=””]

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