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The Navarro Family

María Guadalupe (Lupita) Navarro is a proud employee of Tucson Medical Center. She supports her two daughters, her son and her grandson.

When she received the call from Habitat, Lupita was very excited and proud of herself. Having her own home has been a
long-term goal of Lupita’s that she’s worked very hard to achieve, and now that she’s about to move into her home, she couldn’t be happier. “Where I live, it’s not very safe.” She says, “I won’t even let my daughter cross the street. I’m really looking forward to having my own home where my kids have a safe place to play.”

Despite not having much support from her extended family,
Lupita’s oldest daughter, Karen, has really stepped up to help out her mother by caring for the children while she works. Karen is attending college full time in an effort to better her life and that of her child as well.

Lupita is especially excited that she’ll be investing in something that is hers. She has worked hard her entire life to achieve something great for her family and all that hard work has finally paid off. Her dream of having her own home is about to come true.

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