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The Perez Family

Isanah is a mother of 4 young children–son Heriberto, 9, and daughters Adamari, 8, Yileana, 7, and Zulai, 4.  Isanah is as a Medical Assistant/Pharmacy Tech with New Pueblo Medicine and loves to talk about her faith and her family.

“My brother is getting a Habitat home in Yuma,” Isanah said. “Everyone is so nice that I knew I wanted to work with Habitat Tucson for a place of my own.”

They are currently living in housing that has been provided through Our Family Services (New Beginnings).  Isanah is grateful to live in a place that she can afford.

“I had been praying, asking God what His plans were for me, ” she said. “That same afternoon I got the call from Habitat that I was
selected to be a homeowner. I was so excited that my prayers were answered and I could call Tucson home.”

Isanah said she really likes getting to know her new neighbors by going through the Habitat homeownership classes with them. She added that she really doesn’t know what to expect when she has her own home so she is thankful that Habitat is giving her the tools she needs to help her be successful.

And her children? Well she says they are looking forward to having stability, security and hope. Like most kids they want a yard.

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