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Our Future Home: Daniel and Imelda’s Journey to Homeownership

Daniel has lived in rental homes his whole life. But that’s all about to change.

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The family rent a small two bedroom, one bath home. The home has little space and both their babies’ cribs are in Daniel and Imelda’s bedroom. Daniel Jr is 15 months and Amber is just five months old. Imelda also feels unsafe in their neighborhood and the couple doesn’t like for their children to play outside.

The couple learned about Habitat Tucson from their church Pio Decimo, a church in Tucson where Habitat Tucson often holds homeowner information sessions.

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Daniel and Imelda like doing their sweat equity because they say it’s a good distraction from their busy lives. They’ve also received sage advice about budgeting from Habitat Tucson’s homeownership services and have adjusted.

But what Daniel looks forward to the most is giving his family a safe, forever home. He looks forward to getting to know his neighbors, building equity, and investing in their future.

“I want to know my family is safe when I go to work. This will give us a fruitful future,” says Daniel. “For me, home is a safe place to return to. It gives you confidence.”

Imelda says working side-by-side with volunteers restores her faith in humanity. “How is it possible they get up so early and devote their time and not get anything in return?”

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“What the volunteers do for us makes our future home invaluable.”

Together, we're stronger.

Families who partner with Habitat for Humanity are extremely grateful for your help. A decent home gives them the
strength, stability and independence they need to create a better life for themselves and their families.


Your financial support, your voice and your time will help bring strength, stability and independence to families in need of a decent place to live. Donate today.

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