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A Partnership for Fire Safety

Every day, seven people die in home fires, most in homes that lack working smoke alarms.

Making sure a home is safe takes more than building a solid foundation. To continue to make sure Habitat families are living safely in their homes, Habitat Tucson, in partnership with the Tucson Fire Department, is taking preventative steps by ensuring that Tucson homeowners who benefit from a Habitat home improvement projects and Habitat homeowners have new and working smoke alarms in their homes.

The risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke alarms.

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Tucson Fire Department donated 72 ionized detectors with 10-year lithium batteries and 24 hardwired detectors to Habitat Tucson. Tucson Fire Department’s donation allows Habitat Tucson to keep $3,600 in our budget to complete much-needed repairs for community members that have applied for our home repair program.

To put that cost into perspective, $3,600 can pay for a roof coating or an upgrade of two electrical panels!

In addition, Tucson Fire Department also gave Habitat staff an installation training. This training educated staff on how to effectively increase awareness in our community about the life-saving benefits of smoke alarms and about the importance of fire safety and working home smoke alarms.

Any and all homeowners that go through any of our programs, new homeownership or home repair, will have critical, life-saving devices in their homes.

This would not have been possible without a partnership with the Tucson Fire Department. Habitat Tucson is grateful to our partners in the community who share our vision of a world where everyone has a SAFE and stable place to call home.

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