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a partnership to help tucson homeowners and students

Since Fall of 2016, Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s Home and Community Design Committee has partnered with Pima Community College (Downtown Campus) to sponsor a competition for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) students enrolled in the Residential Construction Documentation course. This course teaches students beginning-level CAD, including CAD skills, floor and roof framing, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans, and much more.  

Habitat for Humanity Tucson recently challenged these Pima Community College students to design a floor plan for future Habitat homes here in Tucson.

These students submitted their drawings midway through the semester, received feedback from the committee, and then at the end of the semester, the students personally presented their drawings to the committee and at that point the winners were chosen.  

This semester, Jasmine Adams and Thomas Yazzie were the winners of this challenge and will soon see their plans put into action, building safe and affordable homes in the local Tucson community.  

Not only does this partnership help Habitat for Humanity Tucson, it also helps these students.

The students who participate benefit from providing service to the community, having interaction with a group of highly experienced individuals in the field, and gaining real-world experience through a project that contains real-world project parameters. This partnership also proves to be beneficial to Habitat for Humanity in that designs are generated that fit challenging lots, there is increased student awareness of affordable housing needs in the local community and instilling our community’s future leaders with the spirit of public service [mk_image src=””]On February 10th, this partnership between Pima Community College and Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s Home and Community Design Committee has expanded to include a Build Day, including Building Construction Technology (BCT) students, as well as other Pima students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  

This partnership has helped to battle poverty in our community on two different fronts—home ownership and education. It is these future leaders doing good in our community that help Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build a world where everyone has a decent place to call home.  

Want to learn more about our homeownership program and how you can become a homebuyer? Go here to find out more. 

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