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The Ramos Family

Veronica is a single mother of four and grandmother of two.  The oldest, daughter, Anita, is 20 and is also a mother of two–1 year old Veronica and 1 month old Julian.  Daughter Angelita and sons Manuel, 7, and Armando, 5, bring the total to seven household members.

This rambunctious brood currently rent a house that is too small for the family. A close friend, who is a current Habitat homeowner, encouraged Veronica to look into getting a Habitat home. “Zulma loves her new home and told me Habitat has a wonderful program,” said Veronica. “She was right! I thank God and the wonderful people here at Habitat for helping build something that will be mine,” she paused. “MY OWN HOME,” she emphasized. It is just so unbelievable.”

When not doting on her children, Veronica works as an insurance representative with Mike Pierce Insurance. Now Veronica and her family are ready to move closer to town and into a home big enough for the growing family.

“It isn’t easy to move from place to place. I want to be settled and situated, “ she said.

The kids have much to look forward to. A joyful Manuel said the one thing he is looking forward to the most with the new home is “having my bedroom”. While Veronica smiled and the older sisters giggled, it is easy to see that the thought of having their own home has the children dreaming grand dreams.

“We can decorate it however we want,” said Angelita with a big smile. “Thank you and add a big ‘XOXO’ to that!

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