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Ross Family

Nights at the Gabriela Ross’ apartment are loud. It’s no fault of her own — her neighbors blast music and cops investigating suspected drug activity often frequent the complex.

Then one evening, hope drowned out the noise. Gabriela received a call during a shift as a custodian at a local church to find out that she had been selected for a Habitat house.

“I cried and cried!” said Gabby upon finding out she would be a Habitat homeowner. “I’ve always wanted a house for my kids to come home to.”

Gabriela’s current residence is plagued by mold, her kitchen cabinets are literally falling off the walls and her property manager hasn’t addressed the problems. Working two jobs to support her children means that she can’t repair her apartment and make it livable. She wants to save up money, too.

Gabriela has two children who are in their twenties and pursuing their educations. She says that owning her own home will allow her to help pay tuition for her children. She is also the proud grandmother of a 2-year-old boy.

Gabriela looks forward to decorating her home and making it a place full of love and happiness. She knows that homeownership will provide a new sense of pride in her life, and a place where her family can come for fun, love and safety.

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