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Ruiz Family

Marcela Ruiz is a hard worker and dedicated mother. The single mother of two works for a cleaning service company and takes on as many assignments and jobs as she can to increase her income. Yet, the one bedroom residence that her and hershe shares with her two growing daughters share is all that she can afford.

“I want a house for my family,” Marcela said.

Upon hearing she was selected for Habitat Tucson home, Marcela was overjoyed, and knew it came with a lot of work. It was a challenge that Marcela was ready to face. Even so, she was astonished at how many people were eager to lend her a helping hand..

“So But so many people have come to help,” she addedsaid, grateful. “Everyone is nice and helpful.”

Marcela’s oldest daughter is thrilled that she will be getting her own room. She’s always asking about the house and is e, including planning what she wants to buy for it, but knows that she too, has to save money for the new home.

Marcela is a role model for her daughters, and they will always remember how hard she had worked for their family to know a home.

“Home is family,” Marcela stated. “This is a great program — great opportunity.”

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